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An Anvil Avenue Recap: Back To The Beach Festival 2018

The "Back To The Beach Festival 2018" exemplified the cornerstone of ska music by creating an everlasting experience for all in attendance at the event in sunny, Huntington Beach, CA (April 28-29, 2018). Event organizers -Travis Barker (The Aquabats!, Blink-182, Goldfinger), John Feldman (Goldfinger), and KROQ - established an event that more than 25,000 attended and offered more than 15 Third-Wave Ska, Punk, and Reggae bands over a 2-Day Weekend Festival. In this article and through the media provided, we hope to give you a brief glimpse into the first Back to the Beach Festival.


The dedication of making the first ever,  Back to the Beach Festival (B2TB), truly memorable was reflected in the efforts that the organizers and crew provided towards accommodating every attending guest. B2TB provided oversize beach activities, various family-friendly entertainment, several vegan meals that were more affordable than most meat based meals, colorful tents to sit under while in sand, free refreshments (Thank You, Rockstar), and impeccable sound quality throughout the event grounds. The ADA accommodations were equally as impressive.

ADA Accommodations

B2TB made sure that the sand was no limiting factor for any guest in attendance. With a clear ADA accessible pathway labeled and beginning at the cemented path, ADA restrooms, ADA seating, general tented seating and the VIP section were priority access. The only place the pathway did not grant easy access to were the food and libations, but who goes to the beach to eat and drink? The secruity facilitated both the ADA bathrooms and seating area at all times, guest services was well prepared to assist anyone with comments, questions, or concerns relating to the ADA accommodations provided throughout the event. The event organizers planned effectively by providing two well-recieved and engaging American Sign Language Interpreters. Although only available upon request, both individuals provided those with difficulty hearing an opportunity to engage through body movement and highly expressive facial features.  [For Exclusive Videos of the interpreters, sign up for our email newsletter]Features: Matted path accessible from cemented walk-way snaking throughout the event grounds, ASL Interpreters available upon request (2),  Seating Area for ADA Guest(20 Chairs), Bathrooms for ADA Guest (4)
Changes for future events: Extend Routes to Food and Libations, Tented ADA Accessible Seating Area
Highlight: Guest in cast on stage during Goldfinger