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Who Are We?

What Do We Do?

The Anvil Project is a Non-Profit Organization that pursues equality and positive change for the disabled community. We work with organizers and venues to implement accommodations, simplify processes and improve accessibility for persons with disabilities that want to be active in their community. 

How Do We Do It?

We send a team to attend the festival, where we take photos of all stages, walkways/paths, ADA parking areas and any disabled persons attending the event. Next, we evaluate the venue's current accessibility accommodations, and start the dialogue of improving these accommodations with the event organizers. Finally, we publish our findings along with the venue's plan to improve the experience of the disabled persons in attendance.

What Comes Next?

Following the completion of the festival, we work directly with the festival committee to implement the necessary changes. We advertise any festival upgrades and run contests specifically to the disabled community to win tickets to the next festival. We will have a tent at the festival where we can inform people of what we do, take donations, and continue our site evaluation process.

Board of Directors

Meet the team behind The Anvil Project

President - Ian Dowell

Ian, a disabled veteran, was raised in Los Angeles, and moved to San Diego where he served 5 years in the United States Marine Corps. Since then he has managed stores for multiple companies including Best Buy, and Starbucks. Ian went on to manage performing artists and eventually founded Muvmnt Media. Ian and Thomas Ochoa met through mutual acquaintances and together decided to use their experience in the entertainment industry to establish The Anvil Project. 

Vice President - Thomas Ochoa

Thomas Ochoa is a humanitarian, looking to progress and strengthen the community through some of the best practices already available, music and social events. Born in Southern California, he is familiar with the large number of festivals and events available to the public each year. Being a pivotal member in the growing interest of the creative arts and social events in the Imperial Valley (CA), Thomas' commitment to empowering people nationally as Vice President of The Anvil Project, will lead to a more connected and committed network for fans, musicians, and event attendees.

Secretary Treasurer - Adam Marquez

Adam Marquez is a life long musician with multiple degrees.  Through his experience touring with multiple performing artists, he has seen first hand the shortcomings of the music scene and is passionate about making the positive changes necessary to accommodate everyone that wants to participate.  He brings music and passion whereever he goes and shares it with everyone he encounters.

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